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A.    signaling forward unconditionalB.    signaling forward conditionalC.    signaling forward conditional sip infoD.    signaling forward unconditional sip infoE.    signaling sip forward unconditional Answer: A NEW QUESTION 82Which two ICM scripting nodes support dynamic setting? (Choose two.) A.    Percent AllocationB.    Precision QueueC.    Skill GroupD.    Peripheral gatewayE.    Call Type Answer: BE NEW QUESTION 83Which dial number patterns are needed on a Cisco Packaged Contact Center Enterprise deployment when configuring Cisco Unified CVP? A.    agent device, network VRU, ringtone, errorB.    ICM dialed number, network VRU, ring back, errorC.    agent device, CUCM VRU, ringtone, survivabilityD.    ICM dialed number plan, network VRU, ringtone, errorE.    agent device, network VRU, ringtone, survivability Answer: A NEW QUESTION 84Using queuing at the edge with SigDigits, which option describes what "param sigdigits 3" on the bootstrap service accomplishes? A.    Prefix three digits to the dialed number at the end.B.    Suffix three digits to dialed number.C.    Truncate three digits from dialed number.D.    Consider only the first three digits from the dial number. Answer: C NEW QUESTION 85Which two statements about when you install/deploy Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise VMs on VMware ESXi hosts are true? (Choose two.) A.    You can enable hyper-threading at the hypervisor level.B.    You cannot enable hyper-threading, but you can over-subscribe the vCPU and vRAM.C.    You can enable hyper-threading at the Guest OS level.D.    You can enable hyper-threading at the hypervisor level, but you cannot over-subscribe the vCPU and vRAM.E.    You cannot enable hyper-threading at the hypervisor level. Answer: CE NEW QUESTION 86Which three objects are created by the Domain Manager tool in the Cisco Unified ICM? (Choose three.) A.    ICM Organizational UnitB.    ICM facilityC.    ICM User Group policyD.    ICM Security policyE.    ICM instanceF.    ICM agent users Answer: ABE NEW QUESTION 87Which two Cisco Unified ICM scripting nodes support dynamic setting? (Choose two.) A.    Call TypeB.    Precision QueueC.    Skill GroupD.    Percent Allocation Answer: AB NEW QUESTION 88You have deployed a VXML application named MyVXMLApp. Which variable name must be passed using one of the user.microapp.ToExtVXML ECC variables? A.    appname=MyVXMLAppB.    app=MyVXMLappC.    vxmlapp=MyVXMLAppD.    application=MyVXMLApp Answer: D NEW QUESTION 89Which three options dictate that MicroApps are not sufficient and require Call Studio for Call Flow scripting? (Choose three.) A.    Courtesy CallbackB.    recording a .wav fileC.    FTP a fileD.    Emergency Contact Center closureE.    agent whisperF.    IVR Outbound optionG.    agent greeting Answer: ABC NEW QUESTION 90Which option describes how many reason codes you can assign across all teams using Cisco Finesse? A.    50 sign-out reason codes and 50 not ready reason codes for a total of 100.B.    A total of 100 sign-out reason codes and not ready reason codes.C.    There is no limit. You can assign as many reason codes as you like.D.    100 sign-out reason codes and 100 not ready reason codes for a total of 200. Answer: D NEW QUESTION 91Which three options dictate that MicroApps are not sufficient and require Call Studio for a Call Flow scripting? (Choose three.) A.    agent greetingB.    Courtesy CallbackC.    Video promptD.    recording a.wav fileE.    agent whisperF.    IVR Outbound option Answer: BCD NEW QUESTION 92In the Cisco UCCE solution with CVP, what is determined with signification digits? A.    VXML gateway the call is placed inB.    agent ACD extension lengthC.    external phone number CallerIDD.    how many digits of the dialed number are significant Answer: A NEW QUESTION 93The customer is using Cisco Unified Intelligence Center on a virtual machine and reports that the license has become invalid. Which three options can cause this problem? (Choose three.) A.    Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Publisher is not in service.B.    IP address was changed.C.    Time zone was changed.D.    Number of historical reports exceeded the system limits.E.    Hostname was changed.F.    Secondary DNS was changed. Answer: BCE NEW QUESTION 94In the Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise solution, if the Cisco Unified Communications Manager subscriber for the Cisco voice gateway is down, how will incoming calls be treated? A.    The call will get a "fast busy" and be terminated by the gateway.B.    The voice gateway will reroute the call to a secondary CTI route point.C.    The voice gateway will use the alternative/backup subscriber in the cluster for call control.D.    The voice gateway will route around the subscriber to an IP IVR port. Answer: C NEW QUESTION 95Which three methods ensure that Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise route requests that experience unexpected scripting conditions are counted as default-routed rather than errors in call type reports? (Choose three.) A.    Test your scripts to ensure that all routing logic is correct.B.    Configure default labels for each dialed number using the Configuration Manager.C.    Include a Termination node with Termination type of default label for all scripts in which there is some unexpected input.D.    In all routing scripts, account for failure by creating a path for calls that encounter unexpected conditions.E.    Configure default labels for each skill group using the Configuration Manager.F.    In all routing scripts, account for failure by triggering one of the congestion control features to handle the call. Answer: BCD NEW QUESTION 96Which tool is available to expand the size of Cisco Unified ICM databases? A.    Microsoft SQL StudioB.    DBExpandC.    Database sizing utilityD.    ICMDBA Answer: D NEW QUESTION 97Which tool can be used to monitor Cisco Unified Communications Manager statistics? A.    Real-Time Monitoring ToolB.    Operations ConsoleC.    Performance MonitorD.    Cisco Unified Contact Center Domain Manager Answer: A NEW QUESTION 98The current operating status for multiple devices is displayed in the Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal OAMP Control Center tab within the Operations Console web page. Which three devices show an operating status? (Choose three.) A.    Cisco Unified Communications ManagerB.    Cisco Unified CVP reporting serverC.    SIP proxy serverD.    Cisco Unified CVP call serverE.    Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise serverF.    VXML gatewayG.    Cisco Unified CVP VXML server Answer: BDG NEW QUESTION 99Which four items does the Cisco Finesse administrative application allow administrators to configure? (Choose four.) A.    connections to the CTI OS server and the Administration & Data server databaseB.    cluster settings for VOS replicationC.    ready and login reason codesD.    wrap-up reasons and phonebooksE.    workflows and workflow actionsF.    call variable and ECC variable layoutG.    desktop layout and conference resourcesH.    upload third-party gadgets Answer: BDEF NEW QUESTION 100Which CLI command is run on Cisco Unified Intelligence Center to check database replication? A.    utils dbreplication statusB.    show dbreplication statusC.    utils replication statusD.    show replication status Answer: A NEW QUESTION 101...... Download the newest PassLeader 600-460 dumps from now! 100% Pass Guarantee! 600-460 PDF dumps & 600-460 VCE dumps: (101 Q&As) (New Questions Are 100% Available and Wrong Answers Have Been Corrected! Free VCE simulator!) P.S. 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