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Free 220-902 Exam Dumps Collection On Google Drive: QUESTION 101Which of the following Control Panel items will allow for easy streaming of pictures, music, and videos to other Windows 7 PCs? A.    Ease of Access CenterB.    AutoPlayC.    Sync CenterD.    HomeGroup Answer: D QUESTION 102The folder "Documents" is shared. The user can create and delete documents when on the local PC, but can only read documents when accessing them remotely. Which of the following should be adjusted? A.    Read Only AttributeB.    Share PermissionsC.    Firewall SettingsD.    NTFS Permissions Answer: B QUESTION 103Which of the following security controls would be an example of the least privilege principle on a home PC? A.    Install antispyware on the PC.B.    Create a standard user account for kids.C.    Store all financial data in a separate folder.D.    Disable the firewall for online gaming. Answer: B QUESTION 104A user regularly has to walk away from their computer and is worried someone may access their workstation. Which of the following would BEST prevent this? A.    Lock the workstationB.    Shutdown the computerC.    Logon using the unprivileged guest accountD.    Set the screensaver password Answer: A QUESTION 105A user has an LCD and a CRT monitor attached to their workstation. The colors are slightly off on the CRT but not the LCD. Which of the following controls should be used in troubleshooting? A.    GeometryB.    ContrastC.    BrightnessD.    Degauss Answer: D QUESTION 106A user is installing Windows 7 on a PC with a RAID card. The user has verified all of the cables are connected correctly, but the installation media does not detect any hard drives. Which of the following should the user do to help detect the hard drives? A.    Press F8 when promptedB.    Hit the refresh button to force a re-detectC.    Enable PATA in the BIOSD.    Select load driver Answer: D QUESTION 107Which of the following accounts is MOST restrictive? A.    AdministratorB.    Standard UserC.    GuestD.    Power User Answer: C QUESTION 108A technician is tasked with installing a legacy application on a Windows 7 computer. When the technician tries to install the legacy application, an error is received that the application cannot be installed because the OS is not supported. Which of the following should the technician do FIRST to try to get the application installed in Windows 7? A.    Install the application in safe modeB.    Install the application with compatibility modeC.    Install the latest Windows service packs and updatesD.    Install Windows Security updates on the system Answer: B QUESTION 109A user has not received any new emails on their smartphone in the last two days. The user is able to access the Internet without any problems. Which of the following should the user do FIRST? A.    Restart the smartphoneB.    Reconfigure the smartphone email accountC.    Resynchronize the smart phoneD.    Update the operating system Answer: A QUESTION 110Which of the following is the BEST tool to verify the cable is plugged into the correct port on the patch panel? A.    Cable certifierB.    Punch downC.    Toner probeD.    Cable tester Answer: C QUESTION 111Which of the following is the BEST tool for a technician to use to make sure the network wires are securely fastened in a wall jack? A.    CrimperB.    Small flat screwdriverC.    Wire strippersD.    Punch down Answer: D QUESTION 112Which of the following is the BEST tool for a technician to use to make sure the network cable is securely fastened in the RJ-45 connector? A.    Cable testerB.    CrimperC.    Small flat screwdriverD.    Punch down Answer: B QUESTION 113A technician is using the troubleshooting theory to help resolve a problem that is occurring with a client's machine. The technician has verified system functionally. Which of the following is the NEXT step in the troubleshooting theory? A.    Identify the problemB.    Establish a plan of action to resolve the problemC.    Test the theory to determine causeD.    Document findings, actions, and outcomes Answer: D QUESTION 114A client reports that their VoIP phone screen displays duplicate IP address. Which of the following is the FIRST action to try to resolve this problem? A.    Change MAC address settingsB.    Call the vendorC.    Try another LAN connectionD.    Reboot the phone Answer: D QUESTION 115After an installation of a video adapter, the screen on a Windows 7 system cannot be seen. Which of the following Windows 7 functions will resolve this? A.    Component ManagementB.    Startup RepairC.    Device ManagerD.    Task Manager Answer: B QUESTION 116A user gets an error message that the trust relationship to the domain has been broken. Which of the following can be done to resolve this from the client desktop? A.    Re-join the computer to the domainB.    Reboot the PC as the domain will automatically rebuild the relationshipC.    Update the BIOS using the latest versionD.    Run CHKDSK Answer: A QUESTION 117Which of the following resources is MOST important for accessing remote virtual environments on a client machine? A.    Network speedB.    CPU speedC.    High speed memoryD.    Drive space Answer: A QUESTION 118A computer program that functions normally while quietly installing malicious software on a machine is known as a: A.    DDoS attack.B.    Worm.C.    Phishing attack.D.    Trojan. Answer: D QUESTION 119Which of the following security threats is BEST mitigated through proper user training? A.    A WormB.    RootkitsC.    Social EngineeringD.    Browser Adware Answer: C QUESTION 120A user sent an email requesting that a technician check if a computer is on and connected to the Internet so the user can login from home. Which of the following commands in the command prompt would a technician use to verify if the computer is on and connected without having to go to the computer? A.    NSLOOKUPB.    NETSTATC.    PINGD.    IPCONFIG Answer: C Download the newest PassLeader 220-902 dumps from now! 100% Pass Guarantee! 220-902 PDF dumps & 220-902 VCE dumps: (1219 Q&As) (New Questions Are 100% Available and Wrong Answers Have Been Corrected!) p.s. 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