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A.    Big lB.    Little oC.    Little iD.    Big O Answer: D NEW QUESTION 2Which is NOT an example of a Check Point API? A.    Gateway APIB.    Management APIC.    OPSC SDKD.    Threat Prevention API Answer: AExplanation: NEW QUESTION 3What is the least amount of CPU cores required to enable CoreXL? A.    2B.    1C.    4D.    6 Answer: BExplanation: NEW QUESTION 4In R80.10, how do you manage your Mobile Access Policy? A.    Through the Unified Policy.B.    Through the Mobile Console.C.    From SmartDashboard.D.    From the Dedicated Mobility Tab. Answer: C NEW QUESTION 5What command verifies that the API server is responding? A.    api statB.    api statusC.    show api_statusD.    app_get_status Answer: BExplanation: NEW QUESTION 6Which command gives us a perspective of the number of kernel tables? A.    fw tab -tB.    fw tab -sC.    fw tab -nD.    fw tab -k Answer: B NEW QUESTION 7What is the name of the secure application for Mail/Calendar for mobile devices? A.    Capsule WorkspaceB.    Capsule MailC.    Capsule VPND.    Secure Workspace Answer: AExplanation: NEW QUESTION 8You want to store the GAIA configuration in a file for later reference. What command should you use? A.    write mem <filename>B.    show config -f <filename>C.    save config -o <filename>D.    save configuration <filename> Answer: D NEW QUESTION 9Which Check Point daemon monitors the other daemons? A.    fwmB.    cpdC.    cpwdD.    fwssd Answer: CExplanation: NEW QUESTION 10Which of the following is NOT a type of Check Point API available in R80.10? A.    Identity Awareness Web ServicesB.    OPSEC SDKC.    Mobile AccessD.    Management Answer: C NEW QUESTION 11Which encryption algorithm is the least secured? A.    AES-128B.    AES-256C.    DESD.    3DES Answer: C NEW QUESTION 12Which GUI client is supported in R80? A.    SmartProvisioningB.    SmartView TrackerC.    SmartView MonitorD.    SmartLog Answer: C NEW QUESTION 13An Account Unit is the interface between the ____ and the ____. A.    Users, DomainB.    Gateway, ResourcesC.    System, DatabaseD.    Clients, Server Answer: D NEW QUESTION 14The process ____ is responsible for all other security server processes run on the Gateway. A.    FWDB.    CPLMDC.    FWMD.    CPD Answer: A NEW QUESTION 15SandBlast Mobile identifies threats in mobile devices by using on-device, network, and cloud-based algorithms and has four dedicated components that constantly work together to protect mobile devices and their data. Which component is NOT part of the SandBlast Mobile solution? A.    Management DashboardB.    GatewayC.    Personal User StorageD.    Behavior Risk Engine Answer: CExplanation: NEW QUESTION 16Which external user authentication protocols are supported in SSL VPN? A.    LDAP, Active Directory, SecurID.B.    DAP, SecurID, Check Point Password, OS Password, RADIUS, TACACS.C.    LDAP, RADIUS, Active Directory, SecurID.D.    LDAP, RADIUS, TACACS, SecurID. Answer: B NEW QUESTION 17Which Mobile Access Application allows a secure container on Mobile devices to give users access to internal website, file share and emails? A.    Check Point Remote UserB.    Check Point Capsule WorkspaceC.    Check Point Mobile Web PortalD.    Check Point Capsule Remote Answer: CExplanation: NEW QUESTION 18Connections to the Check Point R80 Web API use what protocol? A.    HTTPSB.    RPCC.    VPND.    SIC Answer: A NEW QUESTION 19What is not a component of Check Point SandBlast? A.    Threat EmulationB.    Threat SimulatorC.    Threat ExtractionD.    Threat Cloud Answer: B NEW QUESTION 20By default, the R80 web API uses which content-type in its response? A.    Java ScriptB.    XMLC.    TextD.    JSON Answer: D NEW QUESTION 21Which of to the following is true about Capsule Connect? A.    It is a full layer 3 VPN client.B.    It offers full enterprise mobility management.C.    It is supported only on IOS phones and Windows PCs.D.    It does not support all VPN authentication methods. Answer: B NEW QUESTION 22The WebUI offers three methods for downloading Hotfixes via CPUSE. One of them is Automatic method. How many times per day will cpuse agent check for hotfixes and automatically download them? A.    Six times per day.B.    Seven times per day.C.    Every two hours.D.    Every three hours. Answer: D NEW QUESTION 23Which is not a blade option when configuring SmartEvent? A.    Correlation UnitB.    SmartEvent UnitC.    SmartEvent ServerD.    Log Server Answer: B NEW QUESTION 24...... 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