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A.    drivers and firmwareB.    software iSCSI initiatorC.    SAN Toolkit data collection utilityD.    nSANity Answer: CExplanation: NEW QUESTION 2You configure space-reserved LUNs on thick-provisioned volumes, and you want to guarantee overwrites. How would you accomplish this task? A.    Set the fractional reserve to 0%.B.    Enable space allocation.C.    Set the fractional reserve to 100%.D.    Disable the fractional reserve. Answer: AExplanation: (page 18) NEW QUESTION 3Which objects reside inside an igroup? A.    host initiatorsB.    LUNsC.    qtreesD.    volumes Answer: AExplanation: NEW QUESTION 4You are troubleshooting a node that had a core dump. The HA partner took over and you successfully performed a giveback. You need to get access to the core files. Which two locations will give you access? (Choose two.) A.    /mroot/etc/crashB.    https://<cluster-mgmt-LIF>/spi/C.    https://<cluster-mgmt-LIF>D.    /mroot/etc/log Answer: ABExplanation: NEW QUESTION 5On a Windows 2012 Server, the FC load balance policy is configured using which two utilities? (Choose two.) A.    NetApp OnCommand System ManagerB.    Data ONTAP DSM for Windows MPIOC.    Windows MPIOD.    Unified Host Utilities Answer: BCExplanation: NEW QUESTION 6You currently have the following configuration on your cluster:cl01::>igroup show -¬instanceVserver Name: svm1Igroup Name: ig2Protocol: mixedOS Type: linuxPortset Binding Igroup: ¬-Igroup UUID: 3fb136c7¬-cfd6¬-11df¬-a9ab¬-123478563412Initiators: ¬-What must you do to limit the LIFs that are used by an initiator to access a LUN? A.    Create a portset.B.    Create an additional igroup.C.    Change the protocol to iSCSI.D.    Change the OS type to windows_gpt. Answer: AExplanation: NEW QUESTION 7A customer has a 4-node cluster and wants to use iSCSI for LUN traffic. Which license needs to be installed on the nodes? A.    iSCSIB.    SnapRestoreC.    CIFSD.    FC Answer: A NEW QUESTION 8Click the Exhibit button.cl01::>lun mapping show ¬-vserver svm1 ¬-path /vol/svm1_vol1/lun1 ¬-igroup svm1-ig1Vserver Name: svm1LUN path: /vol/svm1_vol1/lun1Volume Name: svm1_vol1Qtree Name: ""LUN Name: lun1Igroup Name: svm1-ig1Igroup OS Type: windowsIgroup Protocol Type: iscsiLUN ID: 3Portset Binding Igroup: -ALUA: trueInitiators: host1LUN Node: cl01-04Reporting Nodes: cl01-01,cl01-02, cl01-03, cl01-04You have a 2-node cluster. You have added an HA pair with all flash drives for a high-performance database that is currently experiencing performance problems on SAS drives. The LUN shown in the exhibit is moved from cl01-01 to cl01-04 to address the problems. What is the next step in this scenario? A.    Rescan the host to discover the new LUN location.B.    Remove the old path entries from the host.C.    Remove the previous owner and partner from the reporting nodes list.D.    Unmap the LUN, then remap the LUN. Answer: C NEW QUESTION 9Click the Exhibit button.cl01::>iscsi portal showLogical Status CurrCurrVserver Interface TPGTAdmin/Oper IP Address NodePort Enabled---------- ---------- ---- ---------- ---------------- ----------- ---- -------svm1 1-a 1035 up/up192.168.1.66 cl01-01 e0a truesvm1 1-b 1051 up/up192.168.1.67 cl01-01 e0b truesvm1 2-a 1046 up/down192.168.1.68 cl01-02 e0a truesvm1 2-b 1052 up/up192.168.1.69 cl01-02 e0b trueReferring to the exhibit, which action would you take to troubleshoot the iscsi-2-a interface? A.    Verify that the iSCSI protocol is licensed for svm1.B.    Cycle the upstream switch port down and back up again.C.    Verify network connectivity between the host and LIF.D.    Verify that the iSCSI protocol is started on svm1. Answer: B NEW QUESTION 10Click the Exhibit button.cl01::> net int show -¬vserversvm1(network interface show)Logical Status NetworkCurrent Current IsVserver Interface Admin/OperAddress/Mask Node Port Home----------- --------- ---------- ------------------ ------------ ------ ----svm1fc_lif1 up/up20:0b:00:a0:98:4e:ba:14cl01-01 3a truefc_lif2 up/up20:0c:00:a0:98:4e:ba:14cl01-02 3a truelif1 up/up a0a truelif2 up/up a0a true4 entries were displayed.cl01::>Referring to the exhibit, a customer needs to move LIF "fc_lif1" to a new port. Which three actions must be performed to accomplish this task? (Choose three.) A.    Remove LIF from the existing portset.B.    Quiesce all hosts accessing LUNs over the LIF.C.    Take the LIF offline.D.    Update the switch zone to include the new WWPN.E.    Move the LIF to a new home port using thenetwork interface modifycommand. Answer: CDE NEW QUESTION 11…… Download the newest PassLeader NS0-507 dumps from now! 100% Pass Guarantee! 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