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The errors shown appeared in the logs immediately after a change to a service account password. Which option is most likely to resolve the issue?

A.    In vRealize Automation, adjust the credentials under Infrastructure > Endpoints > Credentials.
B.    Delete and recreate the vSphere endpoint in vRealize Automation under Infrastructure > Endpoints > Endpoints.
C.    Reinstall the vSphere Proxy Agent.
D.    Log into the vSpere Web Client and remap the account.

Answer: A

A business group has been assigned a 10TB storage reservation. Which option best describes the effect on virtual machines provisioned from this business group?

A.    10TB of storage has been pre-allocated for each virtual machine in the business group.
B.    The virtual machines will be provisioned up to 10TB total for the group, provided there is free storage capacity.
C.    10TB of storage has been pre-allocated for the virtual machines in the business group to share.
D.    Virtual machines provisioned from other business groups will NOT be able use the 10TB in this reservation.

Answer: C

A blueprint architect needs to create an XaaS blueprint to add a user to Activate Directory. Which action should the architect complete beforehand?

A.    Create a resource action of the vRealize Orchestrator object type AD:User
B.    Create a custom property of the vRealize Orchestrator object type AD:User
C.    Create a custom resource and map it to the vRealize Orchestrator object type AD:User
D.    Create a custom workflow in vRealize Orchestrator object type AD:User

Answer: C

Which approval level deploys a resource but withholds access until approval is granted?

A.    The pre-request level
B.    The pre-approval level
C.    The post-approval level
D.    The post-request level

Answer: C

Which vRealize Automation role has permissions to create Custom Groups?

A.    Fabric Administrator
B.    Business Group Manager
C.    Tenant Administrator
D.    Catalog Administrator

Answer: C

What is one of the steps that must be taken before the Business Management tab will appear in the vRealize Automation UI?

A.    Update the reference database via a link in the Administration tab of vRA.
B.    Update the reference database by executing a one-time script in the shell.
C.    Install additional components on the IaaS server.
D.    Deploy and configure another virtual appliance.

Answer: C

Which two statements must be true for a functional vSphere Endpoint in vRealize Automation? (Choose two.)

A.    A vSphere proxy agent must be installed.
B.    The vSphere Plug-In must be installed in vRealize Orchestrator.
C.    A vRealize Automation Plug-In must be installed and configured
D.    The endpoint name in vRA must match the endpoint name provided to the vSpere proxy agent.

Answer: AD

Which two IIS authentication settings must be enabled on the vRealize Automation IaaS web server? (Choose two.)

A.    Negotiate Provider
B.    Windows Authentication Kernel Mode
C.    Windows Authentication Extended Protection
D.    Anonymous Authentication

Answer: AB

Choose the three Life Cycle states where the vRealize Automation request fails by default if the associated vRealize Orchestrator workflow fails. (Choose three.)

A.    PRE Requested
B.    PRE MachineProvisioned
C.    PRE BuildingMachine
D.    PRE MachineActivated
E.    PRE RegisterMachine

Answer: BCE
Explanation: (page 41)

What is the maximum number of layers an administrator should have when creating a nested blueprint?

A.    1
B.    2
C.    3
D.    4

Answer: D

Which two steps are required prior to extending Machine Lifecycles using an external vRealize Orchestrator? (Choose two.)

A.    Install the vRealize Automation Plug-In on the vRealize Orchestrator server.
B.    Add a vRealize Automation host and IaaS host using the vRealize Automation (Plug in).
C.    Install the SOAP Plug-in on an external vRealize Orchestrator server and configure a vRealize Automation server as a SOAP host.
D.    Install the Vmware vSphere Plug-in ans external vRealize Orchestrator server.

Answer: BD

A user's computer is hardwired to the company network. Which authentication method must an administrator use in accordance with the vRealize Automation Access Policy?

A.    A secureID code
B.    A password
C.    The Adaptive Authentication answers
D.    A certificate must be on the computer

Answer: D

While attempting to create a nested blueprint, a software architect is unable to locate the child blueprint under Blueprints in the Design Canvas. What would be a possible reason for this?

A.    The child blueprint is NOT entitled.
B.    The child blueprint is created as a private blueprint.
C.    The child blueprint is unpublished.
D.    The child blueprint is NOT marked as a component.

Answer: A

This error is generated when attempting to import a certificate into a vRealize Automation appliance:
Certificate for <vra.vclass.local> doesn't match common name of the certificate subject:
Which option is a possible cause?

A.    The fully qualified domain name vra.vclass.local doesn't resolve to
B.    The IP address of the appliance has been changed to
C.    The certificate was issued for the IP address instead of the hostname.
D.    A PTR record for is missing in DNS.

Answer: C

What is a prerequisite for system administrators being able to add tenant administrators?

A.    The configuration of Identity Stores.
B.    The installation of IaaS.
C.    The creation of an IaaS administrator.
D.    The creation of an Infrastructure administrator.

Answer: A

A vRealize Automation administrator installs and configures a new vSphere Endpoint. Where should the administrator add the compute resource in order to use the new vSphere Endpoint?

A.    To a Reservation
B.    To a Fabric Group
C.    To a Blueprint
D.    To a Business Group

Answer: B

What are two reasons to create a new Business Group under a Tenant in vRealize Automation? (Choose two.)

A.    To apply custom branding to different Business Groups
B.    To limit the catalog items a group can use
C.    The apply specific Fabric Groups to each Business Group
D.    To limit the amount of resources a group can use by applying one or more Reservations

Answer: BD

Which vRealize Automation role is required to create Endpoints?

A.    IaaS Administrator
B.    Fabric Administrator
C.    Tenant Administrator
D.    System Administrator

Answer: A

Why would a user see a catalog item without seeing any other items in the service assigned to that item?

A.    The service does NOT include the item.
B.    There are no actions assigned to the entitlement.
C.    The user's entitlement does NOT include the service.
D.    The blueprint has NOT been published.

Answer: C

A vRealize Automation Enterprise Business Group user needs to perform the following tasks:
- Create application level blueprints.
- Add the blueprints to a catalog.
- Provision and destroy a catalog item.
In addition to the Software Architect and Catalog Administrator roles, what other role must be assigned to the user?

A.    System Administrator
B.    Fabric Administrator
C.    Approval Administrator
D.    Business Group Manager

Answer: D

When creating an XaaS blueprint that includes the workflow to create a custom vSphere virtual machine, which field does an administrator add to present descriptive text to the consumer of the resource?

A.    The Integer field element from the New fields list
B.    The Text field element from the New fields list
C.    The Text element from the Form list
D.    The Label header element from the Form list

Answer: B

What are two differences between blocking and non-blocking events? (Choose two.)

A.    The return values from the vRealize Orchestrator workflow will be processed in blocking events and NOT in non-blocking events.
B.    vRealize Orchestrator workflows run is sequence, per request in blocking events and parallel in non- blocking events.
C.    If vRealize Orchestrator workflow fails, both blocking and non-blocking events will fail.
D.    If vRealize Orchestrator workflow fails, blocking events will continue and non-blocking events will fail.

Answer: AB
Explanation: (page 12)

Why would a deployment fail at CustomizeVM when deploying a catalog item containing a virtual machine?

A.    The customization specification name is incorrect in the blueprint.
B.    A software component action failed.
C.    The vSphere fabric attempted to perform Guest OS Customization.
D.    The memory specified for the virtual machine does NOT fall within the allowed limits.

Answer: A

When managing a resource provisioned with XaaS, what must an administrator do to manage that resource with the XaaS actions they created?

A.    Define the actions list as custom properties on the service.
B.    Publish the actions and add them to the same entitlement as the service.
C.    Add the actions to the blueprint used to provision the resource.
D.    Create and attach the actions to the same entitlement as the resource.

Answer: D

A new catalog item was added to an existing service named DMZServers, but it is NOT appearing in the catalog. All of the other items in the service appear correctly. Which of the following would explain this behavior?

A.    The entitlement needs to be reactivated.
B.    The catalog item still requires actions to be associated.
C.    The catalog items were assigned to the entitlement individually.
D.    There is an approval policy on the entitlement.

Answer: D

An administrator is creating a new business group with the following requirements:
- IT_Supervisors@vclass.local will need to be able to provision on behalf of users within the group.
- IT_Managers@vclass.local will need to be able to configure entitlements only for this group.
Which two options below will minimally accommodate this design without providing additional privileges? (Choose two.)

A.    Add the following to the Support role: IT_Supervisors@vclass.local
B.    Add the following to the Group Manager role: IT_Managers@vclass.local
C.    Add the following to the Tenant Administrator role: IT_Managers@vclass.local
D.    Add the following to the Group Manager role: IT_Managers@vclass.local, IT_Supervisors@vclass.local

Answer: AB

What is required before an XaaS blueprint can provision a vSphere virtual machine?

A.    A vRealize Automation endpoint for vSphere
B.    A vRealize Automation Plug-In for vRealize Orchestrator
C.    A vRealize Orchestrator Plug-In for vCenter Server as an endpoint
D.    A vRealize Orchestrator reservation for vSphere

Answer: A

How does a reservation with a priority of 1 impact the environment?

A.    The business group assigned this reservation will have preferred access to the compute resources over other business groups with a priority greater than 1.
B.    If a business group has multiple reservations, other reservations will be chosen over this reservation for business groups with a priority greater than 1.
C.    The business group assigned this reservation will have less than preferred access to the compute resources compared to other business groups with a priority greater than 1.
D.    If a business group has multiple reservations, this reservation will be chosen over all other reservations for business groups with a priority greater than 1.

Answer: D

Why would a virtual machine with an expired lease remain in the vRealize Automation inventory?

A.    The resource reservation has an archival period configured.
B.    The user is missing the Delete Resource Content action in the entitlement.
C.    The virtual machine has a reclamation action against it.
D.    The virtual machine blueprint has an archival period configured.

Answer: A
Explanation: (page 31)

A vRealize Automation administrator needs to allow users to revert their machines to their initial deployment state. What should the administrator do?

A.    Enable the Reprovision option in the blueprint.
B.    Enable the Snapshot option in the blueprint.
C.    Enable the Linked Clone option in the blueprint.
D.    Enable the Destroy option inthe blueprint.

Answer: A

An administrator powers on a vRealize Automation Multi-Machine Service that includes Machine A and Machine B. The application on Machine A does not start correctly and displays the following error message:
Machine B not ready
What step should be taken to resolve this issue?

A.    Change the startup order of the Multi-Machine Service.
B.    Create a startup dependency in the Multi-Machine Service.
C.    Define a startup delay in the Multi-Machine Service.
D.    Adjust the startup approvals for the Multi-Machine Service.

Answer: A

Which three options will ensure that all machines deployed by the finance business group have the same Distributed Firewall rules? (Choose three.)

A.    Using Service Composer, create a Security Policy named Finance with the firewall rules.
B.    Using Service Composer, create a Security Group named Finance based on machine name and specify the Finance Groups Machine Prefix.
C.    Using Service Composer, assign the Finance Security Policy to the Finance Security Group.
D.    Using the Distributed Firewall, create a Security Policy named Finance with the firewall rules.
E.    Using the Distributed Firewall, create a Security Group named Finance based on machine name and specify the Finance Groups Machine Prefix.

Answer: ABC

What is requirement for successfully using a reservation policy in a blueprint when provisioning machines?

A.    The reservation policy is assigned to the blueprint author.
B.    The reservation policy is assigned to a reservation.
C.    The reservation policy is assigned to a fabric group.
D.    The reservation policy is assigned to the tenant.

Answer: B

How would an administrator allow an approver to modify a request?

A.    Create a custom XaaS form and assign it to the approval policy.
B.    Apply a custom property to the approval for the desired attribute.
C.    Use a custom action to enable the feature for the approving user.
D.    Add a custom property to the virtual machine blueprint specifying the approver.

Answer: C

What is required before an XaaS blueprint can add a user to Active Directory?

A.    The Active Directory domain has been added to the VMware Identity Manager.
B.    A vRealize Orchestrator Plug-In for Active Directory as an endpoint.
C.    A custom property that links the blueprint to Active Directory.
D.    The tenant administrator has added the Active Directory domain to the list of Directories.

Answer: B

The IaaS Administrator role includes which two of these responsibilities? (Choose two.)

A.    Create and manage endpoints.
B.    Manage property groups and dictionary.
C.    Create and manage reservations.
D.    Create and manage fabric groups.

Answer: AD
Explanation: (page 16)

In all three distributed vRealize Automation architecture designs, which port must be available to all vRA servers?

A.    5480
B.    8444
C.    5021
D.    8281

Answer: B

What role must an administrator use when adding a third party Identity Provider to vRealize Automation?

A.    System Administrator
B.    Business Group Administrator
C.    IaaS Administrator
D.    Tenant Administrator

Answer: D

What are the two possible metric sources for compute resource statistics in vRealize Automation Reclamation > Tenant Machines? (Choose two.)

A.    vRealize Operations
B.    VMtools agent
C.    vRealize Automation agent
D.    vCenter

Answer: AC

What are two prerequisites when integrating vRealize Automation with NSX? (Choose two.)

A.    A vCloud Air endpoint has been created.
B.    A vRealize Orchestrator endpoint has been created.
C.    A vSphere endpoint with network and security has been created.
D.    An NSX endpoint has been created.

Answer: CD

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