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A.    When you want to search with a low fuzziness thresholdB.    When you want to search in only one columnC.    When you want to search in multiple columnsD.    When you want to search with a high fuzziness threshold Answer: C QUESTION 3You want to repeatedly load data from a flat file into SAP HANA with SAP Data Services. The target table is not available in SAP HANA and must be recreated with every scheduled data load. The structure of the target table is identical to the structure of the source table. Which of the following steps must you perform? A.    Create a table in the SAP HANA studio.B.    Map the source structure to the template table.C.    Import metadata of the target table from the SAP HANA datastore.D.    Drop a template table into the data flow.E.    Enter the table name and schema name. Answer: BDE QUESTION 4You have created an MS Excel report on SAP HANA data. On which of the following could you store the Excel file and make it available for other users? A.    Shared network driveB.    SAP BusinessObjects Information Design ToolC.    SAP HANA databaseD.    SAP HANA studio Content node Answer: A QUESTION 5In SAP HANA, which join type yields the same results as a referential join when fields from both tables are selected? A.    Left outer joinB.    Full outer joinC.    Inner joinD.    Temporal join Answer: C QUESTION 6What is the advantage of reporting directly from column tables? A.    It provides multi-language supportB.    It eliminates the need for additional modelingC.    It shifts complex calculations and logic to SAP HANAD.    It supports analytical privileges Answer: B QUESTION 7Which SAP tool would you use for data cleansing before data is loaded into SAP HANA? A.    SAP BusinessObjects Information StewardB.    SAP BusinessObjects Data ServicesC.    SAP Landscape TransformationD.    SAP NetWeaver Master Data Management Answer: B QUESTION 8What are the key benefits of using SAP BusinessObjects Explorer with SAP HANA? A.    You do not need to create your own queries to access information.B.    You can easily create your own queries to access information.C.    You can access information for data discovery intuitively.D.    You can execute ad-hoc business analytics quickly.E.    You can easily create an IDT business layer. Answer: ACD QUESTION 9Which of the following nodes can you use when you create a calculation view with the SAP HANA studio graphical interface? A.    Data FoundationB.    AggregationC.    JoinD.    Analytic Privilege Answer: BC QUESTION 10Which transaction is used for releasing extractors specified by the customers in SLT? A.    RODPS_OS_OPENB.    RODPS_OS_CLOSEC.    RODPS_OS_EXPOSED.    RODPS_OS Answer: C QUESTION 11Which feature is supported by the backup and recovery process within the standard delivery of SAP HANA? A.    Incremental backupB.    Information model recoveryC.    Point-in-time recoveryD.    Automatic backup of archiving log files scheduled within SAP HANA Answer: C QUESTION 12How can you improve the performance of a scripted calculation view? A.    Read data from column tables using nested SELECT statementsB.    Convert SQL code to equivalent CE functionsC.    Combine analytic views using a CE_JOIN functionD.    Combine data from the row store and column store Answer: B QUESTION 13You want to aggregate the grand total sales amount into one currency. In which of the following cases would you perform the calculation before aggregation? A.    When a line item table contains sales values of two different currencies.B.    When an aggregate table by country contains sales values in one currency.C.    When a line item table contains sales values in one currency.D.    When an aggregate table by country contains sales values in three different currencies. 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